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02 June 2009 @ 07:29 am
Brand Sale: MM, IW, Pure Garnet, Milk, & more!  
 2. NWT Mary Magdalene Hat (raspberry with antique white lace)

detail   inside
Price: $85
Measures: will fit most
History & Condition: I just received this from reservation (for ~$85 without shipping), and it doesn’t suit me.  It is completely NEW and UNWORN with tags included.

4. Milk Blouse (white) SOLD

collar      sleeve     mark
Price: SOLD
Measures: B30-33” W25-27”
History & Condition: Bought used and worn.  In good condition except for a few very small stains on the lower front (see picture).  These will probably come out with a good washing, but I can’t make any guarantees, hence the low price. 

5. Innocent World 2 Piece set (black with silvery embroidery)  SOLD

skirt alone     fleur de lis     border embriodery    top detail     top back   skirt back
Price: $120 SOLD
Measures: Top: B30-34” W26-32”   Skirt: W23-27”
History & Condition: Bought used (for $190) and worn, but in very good condition.  The embroidery is so elegant!

7. Hand-customized Shirt (black)

Price: $15  $12
Measures: B32” W24-28”
History & Condition: I added the lovely lace to this shirt by hand.  The buttons are actually a very, very dark red.  Worn but in good condition.

8. In the Starlight fabric bows (burgundy/raspberry) SOLD

Price: $6 SOLD
History & Condition: Bought by me from ITS, in a custom fabric and hardly used, no signs of wear at all.  These have a pin backing. ITS sells two of these for $11.

9. Cluny Sock Toppers (white)

Price: $2 or free with another purchase!
Measures: 11-14” around
History & Condition: Bought at a Bay Area meet-up.  They are not professionally done, with a few loose threads, but they still look nice on socks. 

10. Felt Hat (burgundy)

Price: $4
Measures: will fit most
History & Condition: This is a costume hat that I got with the intention of sprucing up with some nice flowers and ribbon, but I never got around to it.  Would look nice with the right accessories!

11. Pure Garnet Skirt (offwhite)  SOLD

lace    back    button-on ties
Price: $48 SOLD
Measures: W25-36”
History & Condition: Bought used (for $70) and worn once, in great condition! The embroidered net lace is so gorgeous.

13. Off-brand Blouse (pink x white) SOLD

 collar           cuff lace           worn

Price: $12 SOLD
Measures:  B32"        W25-30"        Sleeve length w/ lace 23"
History & Condition: Really high-quality offbrand!  Bought used (for ~$35 and worn about 3 times, but still in pristine condition as far as I can tell.  Has an invisible side zipper.  Please note this is a blouse, not a cutsew.

14. Tuk Classic Shoes (black) SOLD

front       another angle      from above     back      detail        worn      damage to heels
Price: $15 or make an offer! SOLD
Measures: 24cm interior, fits American size 6 narrow (22-23cm feet w/socks).  Says size seven on the inside, but IMHO it lies.
History & Condition:  Bought new (for ~$50) and very worn, but still beautiful.  The sole on one of the stilettos has come off, and the other has worn through, exposing the steel.  The leather on the bottom of the stilletos is rather torn.   However, this doesn't effect the look of the shoes when worn.  Very versatile (goth, classic lolita, gothic lolita, aristocrat, fetish, etc!).

I will consider trades or partial trades for classic items, especially MM, IW, JetJ or things like on my wishlist!

Shipping not included in price.                 Paypal only please.
Feedback: +11 on loligoth_dbs, +1 on amazon, and +27 on half.com all under the same username.       
Current Location: SF Bay Area, CA, USA
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